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Autor Thema: 20.11.2020 Dead & Buried  (Gelesen 843 mal)

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20.11.2020 Dead & Buried
« am: 19 November 2020, 18:07:18 »

Dead & Buried
"Die Frau in der Musik" raising cash for women's charities

Online event: friday, 20.11.2020
Starts: 21:00 (UTC) // [22:00 Uhr MEZ!]

Live DJ stream on twitch. Goth/Post Punk/Alternative/Cold and New Wave etc, 80s, 90s, 00s and now.
Celebrating FEMALE VOX / FEMALE MUSICIANS in the alternative and Goth scene, and raising funds for Women's Charities.
LIVE 12 hour stream with DJ Cavey Nik and guests!

DJs confirmed:
Dj Blackdeath 1334 (Francesca)  [Slimelight], UK
Sarah Rose  AKA Scary Lady Sarah [Bellweather Syndicate / The Pirate Twins/ Shimmer / American Gothic Productions] US
DJ Polina Y [Mutant Transmissions/NY  Decay/Drop Dead], GER
Nina Horst [Minicave], GER
Nortia Obscuritas [Graveyard Death Cult], UK
DJ Cavey Nik, Dead and Buried [Deathrock UK]
Craig J McKenna AKA DJ Vilkas [Shadowplay/Fimbulvetr,/AbSynth], UK

(Covid 19 is affecting us all, however it seems that this pandemic may be affecting women disproportionately to men in some areas such as work and home life.)