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9. - 11.07.2021 - 1. Fledermaustreffen, Burg Vondern, NRW


Alceste Molière:
1. Fledermaustreffen
Burg Vondern

*presented by Minicave*
Post-Punk/New Wave/Minimal/Gothic/Indie u.vm.
9. - 11. Juli 2021

"Let´s have a great time together at Castle Vondern, Oberhausen, Germany.
The idea of this weekend is to gather music lovers from around the world for a nice time together in Castle Vondern. We will put up a beergarden for you, bring you the best DJs for super fantastic dance nights, you can go crazy in front of the stage while excellent bands are playing, you can do some industrial sight seeing around beautiful "Ruhrgebiet", watch artists bringing their art over for you, and, and, and....... We have lots of ideas to give you a good time in relaxed surrounding and with the most important thing for us: GOOD MUSIC!!!
Save the date and be with us!!!
We will keep you updated about the program."

Cheers from
Burg Vondern-Team

Line up:
The House Of Usher
Frank The Baptist
New Days Delay
Still Patient?
Lucas Lanthier (Cinema Strange)

Tickets Info's folgen... :)

Hier ein Eindruck der Location Burg Vodern bei Oberhausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Alceste Molière:
...und der MINICAVE Teaser (1:59 min.) zum Fledermaustreffen:


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